Make Each Day Count

Live a Healthy, Purposeful and Mindful Life by following these 7-priniciples!

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The F-Word

Do you spit out the F-bomb—I FAILED! Instead, say this F-word.

Forget SMART goals

Do you help others achieve goals? Don’t leave out two key aspects for success!

The Secret One Skill

Do you want to take your life up to the next level? YES! Well, you need to master this one skill.

Wanted: Confident, Sexy…

“I need to feel confident, sexy, grateful and successful—when I want. Give me a strategy.” That is exactly what a close friend asked of me a few days ago. My reply, “Easy.”

Behind the Quesition: Can you Draw?

Morning, I'm sitting here with my dog, Leo. He is enjoying the warmth of the pellet stove, while I write.

Will-It: Recall Names in Seconds

Saturday morning, you immediately recognize the person in front of you in line at your favorite café. You know you know this person. Work associate? Friend of a friend?  Facebook friend?

Be Memorable (pt 4)

Laugh It Up

will-It: GET UP!!!

You are lying on the beach enjoying a beautiful summer day. You’re so warm and relaxed, hearing the sound of each wave... BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! You awake out of your dream long enough to hit the snooze button.