The F-Word

Do you spit out the F-bomb—I FAILED! Instead, say this F-word.

When you set or help others set goals, do you mistakenly confuse a failed attempt as failure of the goal itself? If so, you are undermining long-term success.

See when we fail, it is definitive in our mind either we didn’t, couldn’t or can’t do something.  It siphons our energy, enthusiasm and worst of all it eliminates gaining valuable information from the experience. Celebrate a new F-word—Feedback.

As a kayaker, I perpetually recalibrate for the current and wind to reach my destination. In short, feedback is necessary to reach my end goal.  Feedback tells us what is working and as importantly, what IS NOT working. Think about babies learning to walk.  After one attempt ending with a fall, do we dismiss their ability to walk?  No. It’s pure absurdity that we treat goals as an all or nothing shot.  Feedback develops an open mindset, which encourages a sense of accomplishment and forward momentum. Feedback is essential for success.   

If you truly want to succeed, repeat this phrase: Failure is failing to use feedback.

 As always, I wish you the best to make each day count!~Tyke

 PS.  Do you have an open or fixed mindset? Find out next posting!