Behind the Quesition: Can you Draw?

Morning, I'm sitting here with my dog, Leo. He is enjoying the warmth of the pellet stove, while I write.  With the cooler weather, I'm starting to think about the upcoming Holidays and as a result, I find myself talking about the power of beliefs. 

Beliefs are the unconscious reinforcement of our capabilities, limitations and values. In many ways, our beliefs result in who we are, what we do and our success at work and home. What do you believe?

Answer this question with “yes” or “no”, “Do you think you can draw?” Interestingly, whether you answer Yes or No, you have just demonstrated a belief.  But here’s the catch, this belief is not even your own belief.  That’s right, reread what I just said.  Sometime in your past, someone—teacher, peer or parent, gave you their opinion on whether they though you could draw. You turned their opinion into a belief.

If we are carrying around other people’s beliefs about our artistic abilities, what are the other major beliefs we hold onto for better or worse.  I am an artist. Having kept my artwork from when I was young, I can proudly say—its sucks!  It really is horrible. Yet, someone told me that I was good at it, and I continue to this day to think of myself as being artistic.  In a way, we all have been hypnotized to belief certain attributes, shortcomings and even core characteristics about ourselves. The key is identifying which beliefs are truly serving you and eliminating the other beliefs that hold you back or cause you friction in your life. 

So, I ask you today, “What is a belief from someone else that you to carry around with you?” 

As always, Make Each Day Count! ~Tyke