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Will-it-Wednesday: MY _ _ _ T H DAY

Here you are, facing up looking at six feet of dirt. Surprise! It’s your DEATH day.  Feel like celebrating?

Unless you’ve got an uncle named, Fester, most of us instead choose to celebrate birthdays. But, why do so many people treat their birthdays (and age) like some weird, not-really-my-family member?  For someone who’s had to work hard just to be here, I am calling on you to upgrade your birthday to a Birthweek.

Be Memorable (pt 2)

Ensnare Your Audience: There you are again—naked. You stand alone with only a microphone in front of you.  You start to talk, but your words stick on your swollen tongue.  The whispering of laughter rings out, getting louder and louder … 

Be Memorable (pt 1)

You are in the middle of a sea of sweaty, stuffy air. Your backside fell numb about five minutes ago as the commencement speaker finally takes the podium.  Some 5 hours later, you think, “Oh thank goodness, it’s finally over…”