Will-it-Wednesday: MY _ _ _ T H DAY

Here you are, facing up looking at six feet of dirt. Surprise! It’s your DEATH day.  Feel like celebrating?

Unless you’ve got an uncle named, Fester, most of us instead choose to celebrate birthdays. But, why do so many people treat their birthdays (and age) like some weird, not-really-my-family member?  For someone who’s had to work hard just to be here, I am calling on you to upgrade your birthday to a Birthweek.

That’s right! No getting it over in twenty-four hours.  And in case you’re wondering what to do, here’s how I’m spending mine:

Day 1.  Announce it’s your birthday week and say you’re entering your Nth+1 year-- a year older than you are.  (It really is the beginning.)

Day 2.  Review your goals for the next 3 months. (What better time to plan how to shape your life?)

Day 3. Write down ten things in the last year that are special. (Gratitude = Instant Contentment.)

Day 4. Celebrate your actual birthday with your favorite people. (If not in person, call them and challenge them to have a great day—on your behalf.)

Day 4. Write down your passions, your strengths, and your interests. (Helps you rekindle your inner fire!)

Day 5. Give something back. (Volunteer, call a friend in need, help a stranger—it will be your best gift! Promise.)

Day 6. Do something that you’ve been putting off. (Hey, you’re not getting any younger, so why wait?)

Day 7. Do something for yourself. (Consider it a reward for another hard-earned year of happiness, setbacks, enjoyment, sorrow, excitement, surprises, accomplishments, learning, pain and inspirations.)

When if all else fails and you still feel like your birthday is a two-inch wart—think, “Hey, I could always be six feet under.” 


As Always, Make Each Day CountTM!~Tyke