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Part IV: Coaching, Personal Achievement and Executive Management

Part IV -Creating a Culture of Success: Ken said that one of his favorite quotes is by Bill Walsh (former head coach for the NFL San Francisco 49ers) which is “Winning doesn’t just happen.”  Ken goes on to say, “Bill Walsh says that you have to create a culture of success.  You display leadership from the top down, while empowering and including everyone.  As an example, we match freshman players with a varsity player as a mentor during preseason.  Most teams don’t do this.

Part III: Coaching, Personal Achievement and Executive Management

Part III: The Power of Routines: “Everyone has their routines, right?” said Ken Tucker. Yes, he is absolutely right. We all have routines; the real issue is indentifying which routines enable or inhibit us reaching our goals.  Why are routines about high school football so insightful?  Although seemingly innocuous, routines determine momentum and life habits, which ultimately lead you toward or away from your goals. 

PART II: Coaching, Personal Achievement and Executive Management

Part II-  A few Essential Habits for Success: If how you communicate determines your leadership abilities, then leadership also requires keystone habits.  Keystone habits are critical actions that support other successful habits.  Why concern yourself with the keystone habits of a principal and high school football coach?  These habits are the cornerstone to being successful personally and professionally.