Will-It-Wednesday: Firm Under Pressure

You are standing alone with all people around you. Everyone is in agreement. But something inside you is saying something different, but everyone sounds so convincing. Should you listen to your thoughts or be persuaded?

This happened to me today, when I bought a new cell phone. (Personally, I find the experience of buying a new phone like buying a new pair of sneakers—nothing fits like the old pair.) The sales clerk and his fellows gave their best pitch for phone insurance if it was lost (I’ve never lost one yet.), stolen (Serious, I barely want this phone? ) or dropped in water (Who takes their phone swimming?) And I know it is often a waste of money. (Need to be convinced? Check out this article, click here.) Yet, for a moment I was almost caught up with the allure of easing my pain—not that I had used the phone yet—never mind had any pain from not being able to use it. In the end, I stood pat, and on the way home, I was wondering what helps us keep our will when you're under social pressure?

For me, it’s a simple phrase: Stay B.O.L.D.

1. Breathe—Take breaths, big breaths. This helps us maintain our logical thinking instead of being hijacked by emotions.

2. Ownership—“What do I want?” Often times, our will is mistakenly swayed by other’s desires or best intentions.

3. Listen—To everyone, especially your own voice. Hear all sides, but if something inside you is giving warning signals, pay attention.

4. Decide—Be confident. In the end, you have to be comfortable with the decision so make one that feels right to you. (Plus, very few decisions are the irrevocable. Make the best decision with the information you have, and then move on.)

So next time when you're feeling under pressure to make a decision from others, stay BOLD!

As Always, Make Each Day CountTM!~Tyke